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Mumbo Gumbo Mosaics
The Gallery
"Le Cabane"
Stained Glass / Acrylic Paint
on old sail boat rudder
"Winter Sunset on Providence"
Stained Glass on Wood

"A Star to Sail Her By"
Stained Glass / Exposed Sand Grout
on Wood
"A Rose For Jo Ann"
Glass Tile / Stained Glass
on Wood

"Rebel Pride"
Stained Glass on Wood
Later made into a serving tray

"Magnolia Mayhem"
Glass Tile / Stained Glass on Wood
The table legs are the trunk of a cut down
Holly Tree.

"Big Red Tree"
Stained Glass / Broken Plate /
Glass Tile / River Rock / Glass
Pebbles and an Arkansas
Crystal on Wood
This is the beast that started it

I used an old table base given to
me by my Mother to turn it into
a coffee table.
This page is ever evolving so keep dropping by to see
new pieces!
"Like Glass Off A Duck's Back"
Stained Glass on Pate' Platter

"Being Seen"
Stained Glass, Glass stones, Mirror pieces on Wood.