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Mumbo Gumbo Mosaics
"Lagniappe" is a Louisiana French word that
means, "something extra...unexpected gift"  Or as
we natives refer to it, "the cherry on top"

This page will be another continually changing
space where I'll share links, news, coming events
and what ever else pops into my myriad mind.

To start us off, I'd like to share a secret with

Mosaic work does not have to mean ordering
tess (tile) from websites or hopping in the car
and driving to Michael's or Hobby Lobby to
create something special.

Look around your house, your yard, the park,
the woods, your old jewelry box, whatever may
hold untold treasures of small stones,
trinkets or keepsakes.  
You can also spend a very therapeutic
afternoon smashing old dinnerware with a
hammer.  Just put it in a plastic grocery sack, tie
the sack, set it on something really solid and
smack it a few times.  Be careful when opening it
as there will be sharp shards.

I use an outdoor glue or "Weldbond" to glue my
pieces to wood, glass, vases, wine
bottles...basically anything with a smooth
surface will work.  

You don't have to have an art degree to create
something beautiful.

Once the glue work is done, a simple box of
sanded grout, some dish washing gloves and a
bucket are all you need.

Follow the instructions on the grout box, and
clean with old pieces of t shirts or sheets
dipped in water.

I know this sounds overly simple but that's
because it is.  Creating basic mosaics to add
unique beauty and personal touches to your
home or garden is a joy to do and doesn't take
a great deal of time or money.

Once you get started, I warn you now, it is
addicting so I take no responsibility for your
future obsession.

If you would like to ask questions, get ideas,
take a one on one class for more adventurous
projects, just drop me a line on the
"contact Us" page.

Enjoy!  It is, after all, all about the joy!