About me and My Art

I was born and raised in North East Louisiana and the
essence of this beautiful landscape has forever been a part
of me.  

My travels have taken me to the bayous of south Louisiana,
to west Texas and to the majestic mountains of Colorado.  

Every place left it's mark on me and flows into my artwork.

Deep within me is a grounded connection to Mother Earth
and the majesty of God's wondrous creations.  My Cherokee
Heritage brings a very Spiritual aspect to how I see the
world.  Being a native of such a unique state lends to my
Spicy state of mind.

It's all about the Love.  Live it, share it, and treasure it.  
Everything else is just lagniappe.  

I am self taught so my art has no rules.  

No request is too odd to consider and I strive to challenge
myself with every new project.
All rights reserved.
Mumbo Gumbo Mosaics
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